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new years!

“They” say that how you spend your New Years Eve is how you will live the upcoming year. Well, I suppose I should look forward to another year of eating … Continue reading

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one of THOSE posts…(a rambling rant on C_S)

I needed to vent and let things out and drink whilst doing so, and so I did. And now I’m hungover, at work, with a very rotten smell coming from … Continue reading

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Too much in my head…

Originally posted on The Bipolar Codex:
I know this isn’t technically a picture of my day, but it kind of is. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a review of my emotional/mental state, so here it … Continue reading

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football night in america

Went to my first NFL game in Atlanta with Dad & Cam today. Panthers vs. Falcons, 21-20. It was pretty awesome. Just to experience the energy and noise and crowd … Continue reading

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1. Yesterday, I sent Dan my thesis revisions based on his edits. Once he gives me the “ok” I’ll do a full read through for final changes & send it … Continue reading

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nacho mama’s

I never fully realize how much I miss this place until their food is in my mouth. Perfect comfort food, for comforting that feels exorbitant. It’s incredible how my family … Continue reading

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merry merry!

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This is my childhood bed, which I slept in when I moved back in with my parents in 2009. My parents are habitually switching out and upgrading furniture, but they’ve … Continue reading

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what i didn’t

I should’ve taken a picture of the beautiful falafels Troy made, but I don’t because I’m an asshole who is too consumed by the runny shit that life keeps dumping … Continue reading

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tights challenge: fishnets

Love it when the gym is empty. Oh, and I found out that this guy I know is neighbors with Alexis. Of course, I went on several rants about how … Continue reading

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